Live World Trade Center WebCam (Archived Page)

Former World Trade Center site as viewed from 14th St in Manhattan. Updated every 5 minutes. I will try and keep this running 24 hours a day. (If you wish to link to the webcam, please link to the webcam page at

Live view of site of former World Trade Center

UPDATE 3:43pmEDT Sep 12, 2001 - is now live and will serve as a central information source for this disaster. Any additional information and comments should be sent to me at the email address listed on my homepage.

Please keep hoping! I have first and second-hand reports that the evacuations began almost immediately after the 1st plane hit. Both buildings evacuated relatively quickly. I have reports from people from the 1st, 61st, 88th and 99th floors of tower 1 that they and their whole offices made it out alive. If your loved ones were in tower 1 or in one of the other buildings, I believe there is a good chance they are ok. If your loved ones were in tower 2 and below floor 80 (a guess) there is a good chance they are alive. Even if there are above that floor, there is still a chance. Whether you pray, meditate, hope, wish or any combination, please do it! Every little bit might help. My thoughts are with everyone touched by this tragedy.

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