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Control Panel Crystal for Drupal (Outdated)

Update: This icon set is now used as the default icon set within Control Panel. Thanks for the kind notes from the folks that liked it.

The Control Panel module for Drupal is a great step in making the admin of Drupal sites friendlier, especially for users of other open source CMS systems like Mambo. There are a few icons missing from the base install, though.

Since Everaldo makes the excellent Crystal Clear icon set available, and since they would fit right in, I decided to release a set of icons for the Control Panel using this icon set. You can see what it looks like in the screenshot below and download it in the next section.

Download / Install

To install these icons into your Drupal site, just download the zip file and then copy the icons to modules/controlpanel/images/ on your web server, replacing any icons that are already there.


Here's a screenshot with the standard modules (plus a couple more), fully expanded: