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Billy Mays Caps Lock

(Last updated October 22, 2013 for International CAPS Lock Day)

Now you can change your Caps Lock key into something useful: a BILLY MAYS KEY! Billy Mays Caps Lock is a small utility that runs from your Windows PC's system tray. Whenever you hit the Caps Lock key, you'll hear Billy Mays say one of his famous phrases. It's available as a regular Windows installer and in Format, the portable standard that lets you run software from your portable device.

Download Billy Mays Caps Lock for Windows 1.0

Download Billy Mays Caps Lock Portable 1.0 Rev 2 ( Format for USB devices)

But Wait, There's More! (aka Using Billy Mays Caps Lock)

To start Billy Mays Caps Lock, just click on the Billy Mays Caps Lock icon in your Windows Start Menu (or, with the portable version, in your Menu). In your system tray, you'll see a small Billy Mays icon to indicate that it's running. While it's running, whenever you hit your Caps Lock key, you'll hear Billy Mays say:

  • "Hi, Billy Mays here"
  • "It'll make your whites, whiter"
  • "Order right now and we'll double the value"
  • "Here's how to order"

When you're done, just right-click on the Billy Mays icon in your system tray and select Exit.

And if, for some reason, you want to turns Caps Lock on or off, just hit Shift-Caps Lock to do it.

Why I Made This

I'm a fan of Billy Mays and really enjoyed getting to see behind the scenes in he and Sully's hit TV show Pitchmen on Discovery. He just seems like a good guy who really enjoys life and lives it to its fullest. His passing at the young age of 50 was a bit of a shock. This Billy Mays Caps Lock app lets you hear a little bit of Billy anytime you want and is sure to make you smile.

Who Made That Great Image of Billy Mays?

That wonderful color artwork of Billy Mays was created by Glitschka Studios and is used with permission.