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MozDev Mirrors

Here is a list of download mirrors for MozDev as well as information about the temporary redirector I had set up when the MozDev servers were offline due to flooding.

Mirror List (Updated August 11th 2005)

Even when the MozDev download redirector is offline, you can still hit a MozDev mirror directly and download from there. Just browse into the directory of the project and you'll see all the downloads available for that project.

HTTP Mirrors

FTP Mirrors

RSYNC Mirrors

MozDev Download Mirror Redirector (RETIRED)

This redirector was retired one week after MozDev came back online

I've created a MozDev download redirector for developers to use from their own site while MozDev is offline. I will leave it up for one week after MozDev has been restored so everyone will have a chance to transition off of it.

To use the download redirector, just replace in your download link with For example:

  • Old download link:
  • New download link:

This should make for a relatively painless switch back and forth for anyone that needs it. Any comments or questions, drop me a note.