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UMAX Scanner Driver Windows 2000 Crash

This article details a problem experienced with the UMAX scanner drivers and Windows 2000.


After loading the UMAX scanner drivers for a USB (or Parallel Port or SCSI) scanner onto a Windows 2000 system, a crash occurs due to an error in UDNT.SYS. An error message similar to the one below will appear:

STOP 0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0xF14C4442, 0x00000000, 0x0000002D) (MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED) Address F14C4442 base at F14C4000 Datestamp 31920ae3 UDNT.SYS

Update (May 2, 2002): I've received word that this solution also works with a scanner connected via Parallel Port.

Update (June 3, 2002): I've received word that this solution also works with a scanner connected via SCSI.


Returning to a last-known good configuration did not solve the problem for me. To fix this error, which prevents WIndows 2000 from loading, try following these steps:

  1. Reboot the PC.
  2. When the computer finishes its POST (memory, drive configuration, BIOS screen, etc) it will begin loading Windows 2000 at the black and white screen with a progress bar. Hit F8 to get the windows boot menu.
  3. Select Safe Mode. (NOTE: It will take longer to boot safe mode than for a standard boot, so be patient.)
  4. Once in windows, go to your control panel's add/remove programs section and uninstall your UMAX drivers you just installed.
  5. Perform a find (Start - Search - For Files or Folders) and search for UDNT.SYS. (It is probably in your SYSTEM32 directory.)
  6. Rename the file to UDNT.SYS.OLD.
  7. Now reboot. Your computer should boot normally.

I suggest contacting UMAX about this issue. Personally, I've found UMAX' drivers quite poor. They do seem to work better under Windows 95/98, though.