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Spam Policy

Note: Of course legitimate, individually-sent employment, business and personal inquiries are not considered spam. If you're trying to sell me something, it's spam.

This domain does not accept unsolicited email messages (aka spam) from commercial, political or non-profit entities. By sending a spam message to this domain, you authorize us to do the following:

  • File a complaint with your upstream internet service provider
  • File a complaint with your web host provider
  • File complaints with your payment processor, merchant services provider, DNS-provider and any and all other providers you use to do business online
  • Post your email to the newsgroup
  • Forward your email to [email protected]
  • Forward your investing-related email to [email protected]
  • Test your sending server as an open relay
  • Report your mail server and web server to any and all blacklists, blocklists, spam filters, etc we choose
  • Post comments regarding your spamming to,,, USENET and any other media we choose, in any manner we choose, along with your actual identity, address, telephone number and any other information we choose including, but not limited to spam complaints, "call this spammer" messages, etc.
  • Send unlimited quantities of email to the email address listed in your message, the WHOIS contacts for your domain, your personal email, your business email, the administrative contacts of your sending mail server, the administrative contacts of your web host provider and any other email addresses in any way connected with your spamming activities
  • Place a bandwidth-protest on your site involving continuous downloads of data
  • Bill you a $500 processing fee for each piece of spam sent to this domain. Failure to pay will result in our taking you to small claims court and/or forwarding the claim to a collections agency
  • Call any phone number or fax number posted within your spam message

Sending email to an address within this domain constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

Bottom Line: Don't spam this domain!

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